Our Story

VIBEBIN was founded by two best friends with a vision to create a platform for local brands that elevate your overall vibe.

Both born and raised in Rochester, NY and attended McQuaid Jesuit High School. In high school, they created a t-shirt brand called “Cynosure” that promoted becoming the best version of yourself.

Fast forward five years, both ended up moving to NYC after college with visions of becoming the best versions of themselves. They seek to shift the current landscape of buying local products, while operating under a personal philosophy - meaningful purchases happen when a customer knows more about the creator behind the brands.

VIBEBIN was created with the vision that these meaningful purchases will enhance the daily lives of those who purchase. Our collection includes art, natural and organic body products, workout gear, and fashion to make one feel good and healthy and enhance their vibes. We aim to simultaneously enrich the lives of those behind the brands by supporting our local economy.